Drotto Automatic Boat Latch - Installation Instructions

Step 1:

Roller Trailer Install:  Loosen winch strap (keep hooked) and push your boat back a few inches from the roller. Or put boat in the water. (Please note: This will not work on pontoons or flat bottom boats.)
Bunk Trailer Install: Release boat into the water. 


Once boat is pushed back or in the water, loosen bolt and remove your bow roller (A)

Step 2:

Add the Drotto Boat Latch using either hole and slide bolt back into place. Tighten snug but not fully tight yet. If needed, add washers between bracket and latch if there is slack. The Drotto Boat Latch should fit snug. (Washers not included.)


Step 3:

If you pushed your boat back on the trailer, crank your boat back in tight against the Drotto Boat Latch until you hear the latch click or lock onto your bow eye. If you released the boat into the water, drive your boat up onto the trailer just above idle speed until you hear the latch click or lock onto your bow eye.


Step 4:

Once the Drotto Boat Latch has locked onto the bow eye of the boat and it is secure to the latch, fully tighten the locknut and bolt (B).


Drotto Boat Latch Arm Assembly:


Drotto Boat Latch Included Parts: