Drotto Boat Latch 3" Model
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Drotto Boat Latch 3" Model

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Drotto Automatic Boat Latch 3" Model

The Drotto Catch-N-Release Boat Latch is the fastest and easiest way to launch your V-hull boat! The Drotto Boat Latch is American made, and fabricated out of extremely strong, heavy gauge steel. Launching with the Drotto Boat Latch is simple, even when your by yourself. Once you have the Drotto installed on your roller or bunk boat trailer, and the handle configured correctly, you can easily pull the handle from in your boat and the latch will release. Loading your boat onto a trailer with the Drotto Boat Latch is even easier. Guide your boat into the trailer and as soon as the bow eye of your boat makes contact with the Drotto Boat Latch the latch will click right onto your bow eye. That's it! Then connect your safety chain in the parking lot and you're ready to head down the road.

Please note: the Drotto Boat Latch is currently not compatible with pontoon or flat bottom boats but stay tuned!

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